7 Best Hosting Provider In India

       List of hosting provider in India

      At Aaoolo we discussed various ways of making money online, Career, New Tech, Education with some Entertainment added and in the same sense “Make Our Viewer knowledgeable before musk take us to Mars.”
             As we are interested in making money online, In this post we mainly try to explain Best Hosting Plan and some other source to Online money Making i.e Passive Income Stream. Post thoroughly post describe Some Best Hosting Provider, so that you compare them Chose one for your site.

                                 Hostgator   99 Rs/Mo 
                                BlueHost   289 Rs/Mo 
                               TMD Hosting   $2.95 USD
                                Hostinger   53 Rs/Mo 
                                MilesWeb   99 Rs/Mo 
                                A2A   280 Rs/Mo 
Broodle 1699 Rs/Yr

Top Free Hosting Provider, Advantage/Disadvantage is at bottom

          In India, the data revolution takes place in the when the price of mobile data goes below the cost of a one-time meal of a common man in an ordinary hotel. So in everyone gets to connect to the internet and as this happens the World comes in the hand of every single person here and all gets to experience the power of the internet. And How it can be a source of income for us

                 At this place, everyone identifies the fact that the internet can bring the money in their pocket and periodically may remove a money from your pocket, but looking and thinking optimistically let’s assume that internet can bring you money and continue to bring money one you invest your time and hard work in it.

                There are many lousy ways of earning on the used internet and of course, all of them provide with exponential growth once it starts making money, but first off all in taking some time hard work and money from you.

Some ways of doing it are

#1 Youtube: Most relevant and famous today is Youtube which can present not a butter but the trucks of butter to your table.

#2 Blog: You can launch your own blog and earn money using google.

#3 Affiliate Site: Here also you can earn by google and by the affiliate you provide.

#4 Social media influencer: Here you can earn money through promotions of different things if you are a public figure or having many followers.

#5 Selling products on E-commerce: This is equally a great place on the internet to earn money by selling on Amazon or Flipkart.

#6 Web development: This is, moreover, one of the best modes of making money online by akin the website for third Party clients.

#7 Freelancing: Here you can earn by writing a post or doing anything that you can do well on which you have a good grip like logo making design dress, etc.

#8 Teaching: In 2008 Stanford launch its first online class from there the age of e-education takes a leap. The sector of online education increasing in the J curve. So one can gain good money if one contains an outstanding teaching a skill.

           For Most of the Above way one can need to have a Website Domain, like for Blog, Affiliates Site, Portfolio site, for freelancing also one can require a site to show your work and a Good Hosting Plan to run the site at superior speed. There are many domain providers where one can buy the domain name of their chooses.

            Many of this provide a free domain with these services but if you are new, don’t consider this and think it as an opportunity and that you are lucky because this is the technique of aggressive marketing.

            If you take the hosting solely looking at the free domain then you regret afterward because if you do so then you can’t migrate your site to the other location to the other server, which assigns you to stick with the hosting site forever and can’t let you go or move your site to another hosting partner.

Some of the 7 Best Hosting Provider and their plan is discussed Below.


Cloud Hosting

  1. X10premium

This is the Best Plan in the Market Right Now which offers Cloud Hosting for Free and For Premium. The free plan is also Good you can Host your site on cloud free. This is the best deal ever seen. If you go for Premium then the things become Extra-ordinary Uptime 99%+60%, Bandwidth Unmetered, Space Unlimited.

Cheapest Hosting is 3.95 /Monthy for 3 year


Premium Plan

  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited email, FTP, databases
  • PHP 5.4, MySQL 5.5, Perl, Python 2.6
  • Automated R1Soft Daily Backups
  • cPanel 11.44 control panel
  • SiteBuilder (161 templates)
  • Softaculous (300 scripts)
                                  Monthly $6.95 USD
                                1Year $4.95 USD
                                2 Year $5.95 USD
                                3 Year $3.95 USD


                   This is an Indian Company based in. Operate at the very low price, also Interestingly they provide the AWS Support Amazon Web Service A Cloud server. So the servers are in Mumbai, London, Singapore, LA Everywhere in the world. Where there is Amazon the server there is your site as it is on Cloud. They provide all the basics and a Free Domain.

Their cheapest Plan is of 99 Rs /Mo.

Best Hosting Provider in India

• Uses AWS.
• Free SSL.
                    • Cloudflare CND.
                    • Support in Local Language.
                    • Free Site Migration.
                    • Free Email.
                    • Built-in page Caching.

Plan Differ in According to the Currency and the Location of an Actual server

        Lite (1 Site, 1 GB space, 10GB             bandwidth)           999Rs/Yr
        Deluxe (3 Site, 5 GB space,                 50GB bandwidth)             2399Rs/Yr 40%Off
        Unlimited (5 Site, 10 GB space,           100GB bandwidth)          2999Rs/Yr 50%Off



             The Company started by the College Student take the big lift in the coming decade. Hostgator provides the Best Hosting Services for the Indian Sites many Bloggers uses Hostgator and recommend this to all the aspirants.

Their Cheap hosting is at 99 Rs/Month


  •  Free Domain• 99% Uptime• Pay in INR using UPI, Google Pay, Debit card• in India:This helps load sites faster.• 24/7 Support in a local language. For all states in India.

    • “.Bharat” Domain is Available.  

                    Web Hosting 99 Rs/Month
                    Reseller Hosting 1125 Rs/Month
                    VPS Server 1495 Rs/Month
                    WordPress Hosting 249 Rs/Month



                        Bluehost is also the Great Choice. It provides Both Hostings in India and the USA. The Price also changes when the location of hosting changed. For India, the price is quite higher. All the Hosting is a Linux hosting So no issues of security that much.

Their Cheap hosting is at 259 Rs/Month

 Best Hosting Provider in India

Some Features are.

                    • One Click installation
                    • Free Domain
                    • Unlimited Disk space
                    • Unlimited Email
                    • 24/7 Support and Knowledge Base
                    • Free SSL
                    • Hotlink and leech protection
                    • Programming Support
                    • Plan-Based On the Domain

                    Standard (only one                              Domain) 259 Rs/month
                    Pro (unlimited Domain) 419 Rs/month
                    Business ( Three                                  Domain) 309 Rs/month
                    Cloud (unlimited                                  Domain) 549 Rs/month



                      If you are new and want to test your skill, Hostinger has all the basic with the cheapest in the industry. But with the single hosting plan the speed is low but it can sustain the load and all. All the problem is sorted out with the Premium and Business Plan.

Cheapest Hosting is at 53 Rs/Month

Some Feature is given below.

Best Hosting Provider in India

                    • Free Domain Registration and Migration
                    • Free SSL in business Plane
                    • Uptime is Great.
                    • Great 24/7 Support
                    • Easy Site Builder
                    • Pay through Bitcoin, Paypal, Visa, Master Card
                    • Plans

                    Single Web                                          Hosting (1 Site, 1 email,                                 100 bandwidths,                                   1x speed)                     53 Rs/Month
                 Premium Web                                     Hosting (unlimited Site,                                   email, 1 Bandwidth, 2x speed)                     107 Rs/Month
                  Business Web                                    Hosting (Premium                                )                     201 Rs/Month


TMD hosting:
               This is also Good and is a Dedicate to it service and it completes it 10 years of operation in 2018, In these years they build the trust and the belief of people so they grow faster and showing J curve in their Business Due to the good service and the Best Plan provides with discounts.

Cheapest hosting is at $2.95 USD

Best Hosting Provider in India

  •   Award Winning Hosting.• Free and easy installation.• 24/7 Support in English.• Unlimited Email.• Free SSL.

    • Server all over the world nearest to Singapore.

Shared Hosting Plan

                    Starter (One Site) $2.95 |mo* 65% OFF
                   Business (unlimited Site, 2x speed) $5.95 |mo* 40% OFF
                    Enterprise (3x speed ) $12.95 |mo* 30% OFF
                    Shared $2.95 |mo* 65% OFF
                    Cloud $5.95 |mo* 60% OFF
                    Dedicated $19.97 |mo* 50% OFF
                    VPS Servers $79.97 50% OFF


                     This is an also best hosting with the cheapest plan start with 3.92 USD. They have servers worldwide + Great Support with Lighting Speed and also work well with the WordPress and the control panel provided is quite easy and understandable.

Cheapest at 280 Rs/Month. Sometime prove affordable.

Best Hosting Provider in India

               Best thing is they have any time money back guarantee.
                    • Unlimited Space.
                    • Unlimited Bandwidth.
                    • One-Click Installation.
                    • Claim to have 20x speed
                    • Both Linux and Windows Hosting.
                    • Free Account Migration.
                    • 99% uptime.

      Shared $3.92 Or 280Rs |mo*
      Reseller $13.19 Or 946Rs |mo*
      VPS $5.00 Or 358Rs |mo*
      Dedicated $99.59 Or 7145Rs |mo*



Cheap Premium


             This is also an India Based Company in Jaipur, which provides web hosting at the cheapest price and server located in the USA. Although the speed is awesome and with this site also provide a free migration, Money back Guarantee without question asked.

Cheapest Plan Starts At 29 Rs /Months 


     Great Speed ||  Free Domain || Free SSL || Unlimited Space || Unlimited Bandwidth ||              Support on Chat WhatsApp and Mail in any Local language ||

Shared Hosting is as.

Bronze 29 Rs/Month
Silver 49 Rs/Month
Gold 69 Rs/Month

 15 Free Hosting Provider List:

For Beginners who have no experience in the hosting or the web development field. Is for them. This is a free hosting provider with unlimited space hosted on the Linux server this kind of provider is good for you.

         1. If you maintain a small site with less storage.
         2. One page site which shows your local store, place or a Hotel Detail.
         3. A portfolio site which encounters a low traffic.

 Free Cloud Hosting x10hosting.com 

Best Hosting Provider in IndiaWebspace: Cloud ||  Monthly Bandwidth Unmetered || MySQL Space    || File Size Limit * || Add-on Domains 1 || Parked Domains 1 || MySQL Database

                      || FTP Accounts 1 || Script Installer 


   1:- 000webhost.com 

                       Web space: 1000MBb||  Monthly Bandwidth 10GB || MySQL Space 10M

                              || Add-on Domains 5 || Parked Domains 5 || MySQLv5 Database

                             || FTP Accounts 1 || CMS Installer                                                                                   || phpMyAdmin

              2:- Freehostia.com

                    Web space: 250MBb||  Monthly Bandwidth 6GB || MySQL Space 10M

                              || Add-on Domains 5 || Parked Domains 5 || MySQLv5 Database

                             || FTP Accounts 1 ||

              3:- Jimdo.com

 Web space: 500MB ||  Monthly Bandwidth 2GB || MySQL Space 50M

                              || File Size Limit || Add-on Domains 1

                             || FTP Accounts 1 

               4:- FreeHosting.com

Web space: 2500MB ||  Monthly Bandwidth unmetered || MySQL Space no

                              || File Size Limit * || Add-on Domains 1 || Parked Domains 1 

                             || FTP Account ||

                5:- xtreemhost.com

Web space: 2500MB ||  Monthly Bandwidth 100GB || MySQL Space 50M

                              || File Size Limit 4MB || Add-on Domains 1 || Parked Domains 1 ||MySQL Database

                             || FTP Accounts 1 || Script Installer 30 Scripts

                  6:- Zymic.com

Web space: 500MB ||  Monthly Bandwidth* || MySQL Space

                              || File Size Limit* || Add-on Domains 1 || Parked Domains* ||

                             || FTP Accounts 1 || Script Installer

                  7:- Byethost.com

Best Hosting Provider in IndiaWeb space: Unlimited || Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited || MySQL Space

                              || File Size Limit * || Add-on Domains & Parked Domains Unlimited    

                             || FTP Accounts 1 || Script Installer 

                  8:- 110MB.com

Web space: 500MB||  Monthly Bandwidth 100GB || MySQL Space 50M

                              || File Size Limit* || Add-on Domains 1 || Parked Domains 1 ||MySQL Database

                             || FTP Accounts 1 || Script Installer 

                  9:- AwardSpace.com

Best Hosting Provider in IndiaWeb space:Unmetered ||  Monthly Bandwidth 1GB || MySQL Space || Add-on Domains 1

|| Parked Domains 1  || FTP Accounts 1 ||

                  10:- 1FreeHosting.com

Web space: 100GB ||  Monthly Bandwidth 100GB || MySQL Space 50M

                              || File Size Limit* || Add-on Domains 1 || Parked Domains 5 ||MySQL Database

                             || FTP Accounts 5 || Script Installer 

                  11:- FreeHostingEU.com

Best Hosting Provider in IndiaWeb space: 200MB ||  Monthly Bandwidth 4000MB || MySQL Space

                              || Add-on Domains 5 || Parked Domains 1 ||MySQL Database

                             || FTP Accounts 1 || Script Installer 

                  12:- Uhostfull.com

Web space: Unlimited ||  Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited || MySQL Space 

                               || Add-on Domains 1 || Parked Domains 1 ||MySQL Database

                             || FTP Accounts 1 || Script Installer  

                  13:- 50Webs.com

Best Hosting Provider in IndiaWeb space: 500MB ||  Monthly Bandwidth 5GB || MySQL Space

                              || Add-on Domains 10 || Parked Domains 10 ||MySQL Database

                             || FTP Accounts 1 || Script Installer

                  14:- ZettaHost.com

Web space:1000MB ||  Monthly Bandwidth 5GB || PHP, Perl

                              || File Size Limit* || Add-on Domains 1 || Parked Domains 1

                             || FTP Accounts 1 || Script Installer ||24 Support


   But the problem with this provider is that.         

         1. It does not handle a large load though it comes with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth. The site stop automatically if it has high data usage.
          2. Google does not approve your Adsense account.
          3. So this site is unmonetized.
          4. You can’t make it worth if you try earning money from the site.

         For making real money and to handle a high traffic need to pay a little Buying Paid Hosting. If you work hard then the money will come back to you with double speed.